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Family Business with Direct Access to the Owners

Joe Kaisher - Plant Manager, John Hughes and Bob Hughes
Our goal is to give our corn customers a yield and profit advantage. Bob and John have shared have extensive practical farm experience. They know the weather and markets can change direction quickly. The seed industry has changed dramatically in the past decade with a majority of the competitive brands owned by corporations and their shareholders. Working with us will enable you to protect and increase your net profit per acre. The real shareholders of agriculture - your family - will be rewarded.

Practical Advice

When Bob and John talk about "Practical Advice", it is a combination of experience from the known past and the unknown future. All of us need a crop every year from every field; we're farming in the future. When you have any question about your corn production, we would like the opportunity to give you a fair, friendly and honest answer. Call us at (815)-338-5230

The Right Price

What is the Right Price? Somewhere between "Ouch and Free". The right price is one where both our farms profit. By working directly with you, an added efficiency is reflected in our pricing. We like to think that makes our prices pain free!

The Latest Genetics

Unlike other companies that only focus on one source of genetics and traits, we examine th best traits and germplasm for Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin from all genetic and trait suppliers. This widespread search for elite enetics cominbes with our capital investments to give you an edge. Our Rochelle plant is well designed for small lots and is "units ahead" of others advancing new hybrids. A few bags of something new can be a bother in a busy planting season, but your experience on your farm is the test with the most relevance.



Our Future

Corn is in the headlines. Farm families are finally getting their few minutes of fame, fortune and national recognition. The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and the Chicago Tribune have all featured corn stories. This is good news to the Bob Hughes family that has featured seed corn for over three decades. Now, we believe YIELDirect represents a more efficient way to bring the best hybrids to your farm.

Put us to the test, and see if we can't make headlines on your farm.