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Date: 2007-12-17 19:38:41
Corn Trifecta - November 19, 2007

Dear Friends,

With the 2008 Presidential primaries almost upon us, the candidate horse race is in the news everyday. This year you won a different kind of horse race — the ’07 corn production race. Having the top three finishers in any race, a Trifecta, pays out big. You hit the Corn Trifecta: big yields, strong commodity prices and dry corn all in the same year.

Our Yields. Now, how much of those winnings are you willing to bet on next year? It’s hard to hit yield, price and dry-down two years in a row. Our hybrids were competitive in a nearly perfect growing season and on top in those few drought stressed areas. 5M16-T and 5E27-T placed in the Wisconsin South FIRST regional summaries. This year I entered our hybrids in the University of Illinois trials, Northern Illinois Early FIRST, Northern Illinois Full FIRST, Wisconsin South Full FIRST, and the Northwest Illinois County Extension Trials. Since our last plot was harvested Friday, it will be a couple weeks before I send you a full plot book.

VT3 Technology. Monsanto VT3 combines a more consistent rootworm protection with Roundup Ready Corn 2 technology and YieldGard Corn Borer. We grew 5M16-VT3 and 5E27-VT3 to replace the triple stack versions that contained the older YieldGard Rootworm technology. Four new hybrids join our lineup as VT3 hybrids: 4M07-VT3, 4L67-VT3, 5L88-VT3 and 6M15-VT3. 4L67-VT3 and 6M15-VT3 each came back late from winter production so they were not in the larger trials, but they were in strip trials. Each of these hybrids demonstrated high yields and beat the competition. 4L15-LT and 5L75-LT joined our line-up as Herculex Xtra hybrids. 4L15-LT indicated enormous yield potential.

Prices. Our goal is to help you make a profit with our hybrids. This thought guides our prices and line-up selections. Unfortunately, our prices have to reflect the rise in technology fees, seed treatment, and seed production. These prices also reflect our greater operational efficiency, and compare very favorably with the competition.

You need corn that will work in any season. Dad and I are looking forward to visiting with you, and helping you make the best bet for ’08.

Sincerely yours,

John R. Hughes