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Date: 2008-01-02 22:41:05
Baseball Steroids and Fungicide Spraying

December 20, 2007

Dear Friends,

I didn’t expect to see baseball headlines in December, nor did I think that they would be on the front page. It appears that some baseball players “juiced” up with steroids to improve performance, but steroids didn’t seem to make everyone into an all-star.

The same holds true in your corn field. Spraying fungicides was this summer’s biggest farmer fad. “Everybody” was doing it, but not every field became an all-star field. Adding chemicals doesn’t always boost performance. The informal survey I’ve done of farmers revealed that some hybrids tended to perform better than other hybrids. Some found that fungicide application before tasseling stunted ear development. For a more thorough report both the University of Illinois and Iowa State studied the effectiveness of fungicides. The December 2007 Prairie Farmer, page seven, lists the U of I results. Iowa State posted their research at www.ipm.iastate.edu/ipm/icm/2007/12-10/foliarfun.html. I also linked to this article in our Field Notes section on our website — www.yieldirect.com. In the future I’ll post more links on topics of interest to you.

Performance. Plot results may also peak your interest. We test against the best so that you can plant with confidence. Both 5M16-T and 5E27-T finished in the top thirty out of sixty hybrids in the Wisconsin South FIRST Trial Summary. Note that 5M16-T finished fourth out of sixty in the Spring Green, Wisconsin FIRST Trial @ 224 bu/ac. In the Sublette, Illinois FIRST Trial, 5M16-T placed twelfth out of seventy-two @ 241 bu/ac. 4L15-LT, 4L67-VT3, and 6M15-VT3 also had excellent showings.

Dry-Down. In addition to yield your profitability is tied to moisture. The Yield-Moisture ratio represents the bushels of 15.0% No. 2 corn produced for each point of harvest moisture. It is a good measure of hybrid profitability and is computed for each plot entry. The Dry-Down Summary on page three of the plot book was designed to help you select the best drying hybrids for your farm. Although Fall 2007 had many warm drying days, every year is different and the dry-down chart enables you to plan for your 2008 harvest.

“Juice” up your 2008 bottom line with good information, high yields and our farmer friendly seed prices. Give me or Dad a call to discuss your Spring 2008 planting plans.

Sincerely yours,