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5M16-T Consistent Yield Leader

• 5M16-T placed 4th out 60 FIRST Trial, Spring Green, Wisconsin. Page 17.

• 5M16-T finished 12 out 72 FIRST Trial, Sublette, Illinois. Bested AgriGold 6399, DKC57-79. Page 16.

• 5M16-T averaged 229 bu/ac @ 17.6% moisture. Outyielded, drier than DKC 60-18 and Pioneer 34A20. University of Illinois, Mt Morris, Erie, and Dekalb, Illinois. Page 12.

• 5M16-T finished in the top thirty hybrids in the Wisconsin South FIRST Trial Regional Summary. Back Cover, Pages 16-17; 25-31.

• 5M16-T averaged 205 bu/ac and beat 36H56, 34A17, and 6395. YIELDirect, Woodstock, Illinois. Page 5.

5E27-T — The Rough Rider — Excellent in Tough Conditions

• 5E27-T finished in the top thirty hybrids in the Regional Summary of the Wisconsin FIRST South trials.
It beat Dekalb 52-59, AgriGold 6325VT3, and AgriGold 6399VT3 by excelling in the early, dry conditions. Back Cover and Pages 16-17; 25-31.

• 5E27-T tops key hybrids in yield/moisture ratio. University of Illinois Corn-on-Corn.
Dekalb, Illinois. Page 13.

4L67-VT3 Emerging Yield Leader

• 4L67-VT3 outyields DKC 61-69, DKC 54-46, Pioneer 34A17, 34R67, 36H56. Chris McKee, Marengo, Illinois, Page 7.

• 4L67-VT3 ten bu/ac over 61-69, 34A19 with 215.8 bu/ac 16.8% moisture. YIELDirect, Rochelle, Illinois. Page 6.

6M15-VT3 Best 111 Day Yield/Moisture

• 6M15-VT3 — 264 bu/ac — best 110 day yield/moisture ratio. Marty Palm, Winnebago, Illinois. Page 18.

• 6M15-VT3 dominates Pioneer 34A18, DKC 57-79, Mycogen 2G779. Lartz Farms, Lena, Illinois. Page 18.

4M07-T Harvest Early With Dry Corn

• 4M07-T exceeds DKC 52-40 in yield and yield/moisture ratio. YIELDirect Woodstock, Illinois plot. Page 5.

• 4M07-T bests DKC 52-40 by 12 bu/ac, Chris McKee, Page 7.

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